Mental Acceptance

Where Woman Can Be Seen and Heard

Hi, welcome to Mental Acceptance

A place that you can heal from narcissistic abuse

This is a safe zone for women to be seen and heard

You have left the relationship and still feel lost

You aren’t sure why life hasn’t just gone back to how it use to be

You are so tired of felling lonely, depressed, anxiety, and not fitting in anywhere

You have come to the right place to get the answers to healing from past narcissistic abuse

Come in and get comfortable and let’s walk this healing journey together

You no longer have to be alone

You are seen and heard in this safe zone

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My name is Melissa and I want to help you with your healing journey

I have been on my healing journey for 6 years

I have narcissistic abuse in my past that I work on daily

I however overcame the pain and regained my personal power back

I did all of this by taking a look inside myself and learning who I am

I want this for all women in the world

To realize that they have this great personal power and can do anything in life

All this is possible through your healing journey

This takes a lot of courage and being honest with yourself

Take my hand and let me help you on your journey that we call life

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