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Hi, my name is Melissa. I am very passionate about self-improvement. I want to help women reclaim their power from past abuse or trauma.

I have written this post for those that want to know what my blog is about.

I promise to bring the latest news on self-improvement. To tell you the ways I have learned and what has worked in my journey of finding myself. So take my hand and we will walk this journey together.

Here are 5 things I want to help women out with. We will be learning together how to reclaim peace back into our lives and take back our power.

Some steps will be hard, so I do suggest getting a mentor, life coach, therapist, or someone you can process with that is a safe person.

  • My blog exists to help women start the journey of self-improvement
  • My blog exists to help women reclaim back their power
  • My blog exists to help women know what steps to take for self-improvement
  • My blog exists to help women rebuild relationships with themselves, their partners, and/ or loved ones.
  • My blog exists to help women know if a life coach is right for them

Start the journey on self-improvement

First, what is self-improvement? The dictionary defines self-improvement as ” the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts”.

My journey started about 2 years ago. I actually started years ago. I just have been actively learning about myself for the past two years.

I don’t always like what I learn. When we go on this journey together we might find parts of ourselves we don’t like. That is okay.

We are going to learn to love every part of ourselves. Change the parts of our lives that we have the power to change. To start this journey all you have to do is be willing to put in the work to discover who you are.

Let’s start on this journey together.

Learn ways to reclaim your power back

A way to improve yourself is to learn ways to reclaim back your power.

We give our power away when we say “yes” and should have said “no”, staying in toxic relationships, acting outside our beliefs, and doing anything, so we will be loved and/or accepted by someone.

We will learn the steps together and explore ways we can reclaim our power back.

Some examples are learning to say “no” (“no” is a complete sentence), stay away from toxic people, let go of resentments (resentments only hurt the person that has them), and trust your heart to lead you on your life journey.

Learn how to be alone with yourself for any amount of time.

That we don’t always need someone around in order to be happy and/or to feel loved. Learning to reclaim your power takes courage and forgiveness. Forgiving is not for the person that wronged you. Forgiving is for you.

Steps to take for self-improvement

 Self-improvement doesn’t have an order of steps to take. Just as long as you are taking steps to improve yourself.

There will be some steps that will be easy while other steps will be much harder but all the steps are a must to improve ourselves.

This is when I would suggest finding someone that is safe, so you can process some steps with another person.

Some steps will bring up feelings that can be uncomfortable, sad, upsetting, depressing, and etc. That is when we may need someone to talk to or lean on.

On the other hand you can also experience loving, happy, joyful, exciting, and positive feelings.

The person you pick to talk to needs to be a positive force in your life. Don’t rely on a toxic person to talk to about your feelings or thoughts.

This person could bring you down worse than you already are.

I would suggest a therapist and/or a life coach because they can objectively listen and talk about what is going on in your life. They also help you with your goals.

4. How to build a relationship with yourself, with your partner and/or loved ones

The #1 most important relationship is the one with ourselves.

A goal we should all have is to love ourselves again after abuse and/or trauma. To be able to accept our good and bad qualities.

To know that everyone in this world has flaws. That nobody is perfect.

We will explore our relationship with our loved ones. How to improve our relationship with our loved ones.

Know if we need to leave a relationship because it has become toxic. This could be any type of relationship you are in, not just romantic ones.

The qualities of a toxic person and a toxic relationship.

Why leaving a toxic relationship is hard for people to do. Why leaving a toxic relationship is best for your self-improvement.

What to do if improving your life and your loved ones are not supportive of the change you are making.

Relationships are my favorite subject to learn and talk about. I find them to be extremely fascinating. There is so much that goes into a relationship with ourselves, family, friends, and our partners.

Is a life coach right for you

Life coaches empower people to set goals and have accountability for personal success. A coach offers objective listening, that way you would have a safe person to talk too.

Coaching helps people stay on track reaching their goals. They help build new habits so, you can let go of the bad ones.


I am excited about going on this journey with you. I know that at first this all seem a bit overwhelming. Remember this is not a race.

Don’t measure your journey with someone else’s journey. You are strong. You have found a self-improvement blog because you are ready for a change.

Take your first step into your life’s journey. If you have any questions on the way just shot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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