Do you hate how bad you feel right now? Tired of feeling down and out?  Tired of having no energy or feeling on edge? I have the best solution for you. It is an affirmation for depression and anxiety.

When you say the depression and anxiety affirmations make sure you are in front of the mirror and saying them out loud. This helps your subconscious mind grasp what you are saying.

Why are Depression and Anxiety Affirmations Important

This type of affirmation will help guide your mind to be happier. At first, when I said affirmations, I thought this was really stupid. I however stuck with it, and now I feel happier and have a lot less depression and anxiety. I made this part of my morning routine.

Pick only a couple from the list and start your morning routine out by saying the ones you have picked.

I have broken them up into categories for you. That way, you can pick the ones that you need to work on.

Examples of Depression and Anxiety Affirmations

Healing Depression Affirmations

  • I am surrounded by compassion, support, and love.
  • I am loved by my family and friends.
  • My friendship is important and my friends value it.
  • I don’t have to feel guilty about my depression, this isn’t my fault.
  • I, and my life, have meaning and value.
  • The life I live is one worth living.
  • This will pass, I’m going to breathe through it.
  • I am capable of positivity, I am capable of contentment, and I can feel positive.
  • This depression will not define me.
  • I am cherished.
  • I don’t have to do anything, be anyone, or act a certain way to be loved.
  • I know I am needed, even though it’s difficult to see my worth right now.
  • I am so proud of myself for making it through today.
  • I can overcome this and make a good day.
  • I am where I should be.
  • I deserve health, I deserve peace, I deserve love.
  • I offer myself unconditional love.
  • I can make a new beginning and I’m in the process of positive change.
  • I let go of pain, sorrow, and guilt and choose to love myself.
  • I choose how I feel today. Today I choose love and peace.

Healing Anxiety Affirmations

  • I can’t control everything and that’s okay because that isn’t my job.
  • I will not be reduced by the things that happen to me.
  • I will not allow my worried thoughts to define me.
  • Whatever I accomplish today is enough. I am enough.
  • I am transforming fear into courage.
  • I permit myself to believe in something that feels good.
  • This is a process, and I am taking the next steps to grow into my power.
  • I am open to universe’s blessings.
  • I am calm, I am safe, I am capable.
  • I am brave, I am loveable, I am accomplished.
  • I am empowered, I am prepared, I will be okay.
  • I will be okay, and everything will be fine.
  • This moment is fleeting, this will pass.
  • Soon, I’ll get better.
  • I have the power to change my emotions.
  • I have the power to change my emotions.
  • I have the power to find the courage to overcome my fears.
  • I deserve happiness, I deserve peace, I deserve success.
  • If I set my mind to it, then I can do anything.
  • I am in control of what I can control, my feelings, decisions, thoughts, and my life
  • I have found the support I need to succeed.

Emotional Healing Affirmations

  • I permit myself to take the time and space necessary to heal my soul.
  • I treat myself with gentle kindness as I heal.
  • I believe I am capable of healing and manifesting happiness.
  • I choose happiness and healing.
  • I do not judge my negative emotions and I accept myself as I am.
  • I recognize every emotion as a guide to healing.
  • I hold the power to overcome my sadness.
  • I wake up happier every day.
  • My emotions do not define me.
  • I am surrounded by love and I am healing.
  • I am worthy of healing and love.
  • I attract healing.
  • I am open to receive love. I am open to give love.
  • My experiences do not define me as a person.
  • I am healing. Every situation is an opportunity to grow and heal.
  • No one can steal my power.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I am ready to forgive, forget, and move forward in self-compassion.
  • I am ready to turn a new page in this chapter of my life.
  • I appreciate and respect my feelings.

 Change Negative Behaviors Affirmations

  • The possibilities are endless and I will embrace them.
  • I will make good decisions that are supportive to myself.
  • I am a positive person capable of good decisions.
  • I choose positivity.
  • I choose good behaviors.
  • I am brave enough to do the right thing for me.
  • I am bold enough to do the right thing for me.
  • I can do this. I will do this.
  • I am intelligent, I am talented, and I am capable.
  • I am confident, I am proud, and I model positive behaviors.
  • I deserve happiness so I will choose healthy behaviors that support my wellbeing.
  • I love myself and I will make good choices.
  • I love my body and I will treat it with respect.
  • I love my mind and I will treat it with respect.
  • I will let go of worry and embrace positivity.
  • Today is going to be a good day, I will be supportive of myself.
  • I am grateful for everything in my life.
  • I will care for and love myself, I let go of self sabotaging behaviors.
  • I am regret and worry-free.
  • I am teeming with potential I will reach out and grab it.

The Past Does Not Control Me Affirmations

  • I will break free from my past, it has no control here.
  • I accept the experiences and my past and I give them no control.
  • I am processing negative memories and breaking their hold over me.
  • I forgive my past self for the mistakes I have made.
  • The path I am on now is leading to a brighter future.
  • My past experiences do not control me, but they can help me grow as a person.
  • I am strong because of my past experiences.
  • I have found peace from my past and I am prepared to move forward.
  • I am bigger than my experiences and memories.
  • I naturally take negative experiences and memories and create positive growth.
  • I deserve to find peace from my past.
  • It’s natural for me to let go of negative experiences and memories.
  • The difficulties I have experienced in my life have made me a stronger person.
  • The key to my future is making peace with my past.
  • It is easy for me to process past experiences and move forward constantly.
  • I am capable of breaking free from my past.
  • I am relaxed. I am at peace. I am free from my past.
  • I am strong enough to break free from the past to create a better life.
  • I am setting my mind free.

Processing Pain Affirmations

  • I have found peace from my pain.
  • I am choosing to love my pain because I know I can heal it through love.
  • I will build a body that loves and supports me.
  • I will listen to my pain and learn from it.
  • I can use other issues in my life to process and heal my pain.
  • I choose peace each day no matter how much pain is present.
  • I invite my pain in so that I can work through and resolve it.
  • I am grateful that the fight is over because now I can process my pain.
  • I am grateful for the healing I will find on the other side of my pain.
  • I choose happiness, peace, and healing.
  • I will not fight my pain, I will work through it.
  • The peace within me is more powerful than the pain.
  • I will not allow my pain to defer my focus.
  • I am bigger than my pain.
  • I am grateful for the healing I will find.
  • I am worthy of health and happiness.
  • I am open to dismissing what does not serve me.
  • I accept my position and I am prepared to grow.
  • I will focus only on positive progress.
  • While I may be experiencing discomfort, I approve of myself and I love myself.

I Heal Myself From Within Affirmations

  • I am emotionally connected to a plentiful source of healing. I can draw from it anytime.
  • I am physically connected to a plenteous source of healing. I can draw from it anytime.
  • As I focus on healing myself from within, I open myself to new opportunities.
  • I welcome all of the ways I can be healed.
  • I remain open-minded and open-hearted to the healing within me.
  • I am willing to embrace the broken parts of me in need of the most love.
  • I welcome all things that serve me and help me grow and heal.
  • I am my main priority. My healing matters and I am worthy of a good life.
  • I will be at peace with myself and who I am.
  • I am excited to become the person I am meant to be.
  • My insecurities fade and dissolve with every act of self-compassion.
  • I am in love with self-care.
  • When I think healing thoughts, I feel myself healing.
  • I choose loving thoughts.
  • I choose nourishing thoughts.
  • My body is a temple and I will treat it with respect.
  • I can heal myself amd I will heal myself
  • I am grateful for my life and I appreciate my body and spirit.
  • Small choices lead to big changes and in them, I will heal.
  • I choose to heal, I am healed. Healing is the only option.

In Closing

I hope that you were able to pick out a couple of affirmations from the collection above.

Remember to say them out loud to yourself for the affirmations to work. Also, give it some time. This will not happen overnight, nor will it happen just one day after saying the affirmations.

Let me know which affirmations you picked by commenting below. Have a blessed day.


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