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In 2014 I started on my own self-improvement journey. I since then have been on my journey. I absolutely love self-improving books and articles.

Before my journey, I was in a bad spot in my life. I was completely lost in this big world and not sure where to turn to.

I finally found a place that had some great strong women. A couple of the women had some rough times in their lives also. They told me how they did some self-improvement.

They gave me some great self-improving tips on how to get started with my journey. So, I have written this article to share my 9 favorite tips that were shared with me at the beginning of my journey.

9 Best Tips to Self-Improving

goal pdf
Goal Setting

Tip 1: Make goals and write your goals down

Personal growth starts with setting goals and writing your goals down. The goals do not have to be big. Although having at least one big goal is great for self-development.

Writing your goals down makes them real and you can go back daily to check on how you are doing with completing the goals. It also feels good to mark off goals while you complete them.

Tip 2: Focus On one Goal At A Time

Don’t try to complete all of your goals at once. This won’t happen and you will become overwhelmed.

This will affect your self-improving by making it seem impossible to do. I tried to do this and I failed every time. This self-improving tip is very important.

Tip 3: Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Specific- Goal should be linked to one activity, thought, or idea
  • Measurable- Goal should be trackable and measure progress
  • Attainable- Clear tasks or actions
  • Relevant- Possible to achieve
  • Time-Bound- Fall within a specific time period
Smart Goals
Smart Goals

Tip 4: Time Management

To be able to achieve your goals, you need to have time management.

First, keep track of what you do during the day and how much time you spend doing the activity.

Next, make some adjustments to your timetable so you have time to work on your goals.

Tip 5: Start Meditating

This is the best tip I ever received. I thought though that I would have to set on the floor and hum. This is far from the truth.

There are so many ways to do this. Find the way that works for you. The way I do this is to read my bible and then spend time praying to God about what I read and about my day.


Tip 6: Create Routines In Your Life

Having an evening and morning routine is important for self-improvement. Have the same bedtime and the same time you wake up also helps with your mental health.

When doing this your body can go to sleep better and get a good night’s sleep. For the self-improving tip, this was my hardest one to do.

Tip 7: Spend Time Alone

First, let me say that asking for and spending time alone is not a selfish thing to do. It is important to get some time alone.

It lets you get a chance to find out who you truly are. It lets you really do some work on your goals without getting sidetracked.

Tip 8: Find A Life Coach

Find a great life coach so you have someone that can hold you accountable.

A life coach will also help you realize what goals you need to set as in the order of importance. They also can listen to you and be indifferent.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching

Tip 9: Never Stop Learning

This could be anything at all. You can learn about anything in this world. I have been learning about blogging.

I really enjoy learning. I have learned about life coaching and relationship coaching.

At first, learn more about self-improving until you can do that daily than adding something more challenging. I enjoy being able to learn.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about self-improving

Have fun with self-improving. It is a serious thing when you are trying to change habits and routines.

However, this doesn’t have to be a totally boring or intense experience. When I first started I thought that I had to be serious and have no fun.

That was the farthest thing from the truth. I eventually learned that as long as I was doing the next right thing rather I liked it or not then I was improving my life.

What will be the self-improving tip you will try first? Are there any tips you would like to know more about?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Is there anything on self-improving you want to know more about? Remember self-improving can be fun.


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