Personal development is a lifelong process. This is not a sprint but a marathon of making a better life for yourself.

There is so much information out in the world about personal development. It is hard to know which advice to follow.

To know who is right or wrong. Well, I do not think that there is no right or wrong way to go about doing personal development.

Hold on, let me take that back because the only way to do this wrong is to not do anything at all to improve your life.

Other than that you can bet you are probably on the right track. In this post I will share with you what Personal development is exactly, how it will affect your life, activities you can do, what goals to set for yourself, and what is a PD plan.

Let us start on your journey together. Take my hand and let us get to it.

What is personal development

Personal development is something that takes place in your life.

It is not just a one-day thing. It will have you develop and grow your life skills, it is bettering oneself, bettering talents, and building your life strengths.

This is a process that has you set and achieve goals.

Why is personal development important

Personal development is important because it lets people take a look at their life.

Let’s someone see what is working and what is not working in their life.

How you can improve areas in your life.

Shows you what you need to completely change in your life. It will help you become more self-aware.

why is personal development important

How does personal development affect your life

It will give you a sense of purpose. You will strive to become a better human being and a better version of yourself each day.

Personal development will help you live in the moment and bring you the happiness you have never known before.

What are the benefits of personal development

There are many benefits that you will receive from practicing personal development. Here is a list of just some of the benefits.

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Give you confidence
  • Clarify your goals
  • Improve your focus in life
  • Bring self-awareness
  • Give your life direction
  • Lower stress levels
  • Learn new skills
  • Become healthier
  • Be happier in life
  • More likely to reach your goals in life
  • Get a sense of direction
  • Give you purpose in life

Disadvantages of Personal Development

  • They need to feel like you always need to be leaving
  • Outgrowing family and friends
  • Feeling as if you are better than other people
  • Comparing yourself to others in life
  • Feeling stupid because you do not understand what you are learning at the moment
  • Not having time to be part of the real world
  • Spending large amounts of money to buy courses online
disadvantages to personal development

Barriers to Personal Development

  • Pride-admitting you need help or need to improve something in your life
  • Lack of planning-when changing your life with personal development you need to make a plan for your goals and how you will achieve them
  • Dwelling in the past-do not let your past come up to your presence in a way that stops you from growing. We are all on a journey and some had rougher ones than others.
  • Limited vision-you can do anything in life don’t hold yourself back by thinking you can not do something
  • No support-we all need support in life and especially in personal development. Get yourself a life coach, so you are not doing this alone.
  • Selfishness- you will need to help others in order to grow in your personal development
  • Financial-not everyone has the money to buy course after course to learn new things. Look online and do your research there are a lot of free courses or courses that are very cheap to buy.

How do I start personal development

  • Be open-minded- when you are open-minded, you have a chance to try new things out of your comfort zone. That is when you grow.
  • Set up your goals-make sure you have all of your goals written out, so you know what you are aiming to achieve
  • Start learning-there is no time like the present to start learning new skills
  • Read-read personal development books that will help you grow and help you know what you want out of life.
  • Listen to a personal development podcast-when you don’t want or have the time to set down and read. Listen to a podcast in the car or at home while you are cooking or doing other chores.
  • Take new courses-again there are free courses on any subject online if not free then there are really cheap courses online
  • Ask for help-nobody can change on their own. You will need help with accountability at first. Get a life coach to help you with this.
  • Find a life coach-finding a life coach is easy as there are so many available out there online. A coach will help you set up your goals and help you realize what you want in life.
  • Journal-start writing about your day. Write about what you want in life and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Start a 30-daily challenge- to get started on your personal development, start a challenge. There are many types of challenges such as: finding your purpose in life, journaling, changing your way of thinking, self-help, etc.
  • Learn how to meditate-this is one that takes practice. If you are not able to meditate your first time, that is okay. It took me months before I was able to do this. It takes time and patience.
  • Getting a network-this is a group of people that you have where you can call on them when you need help, someone to talk to and help you with resources in life. These are your people.
  • Start a routine-set up a morning routine and a nighttime routine for yourself. Make sure it is doable.
  • Make to-do lists-this is important, so you know what you need to do daily and what to do to reach your goals
  • Figure out your bad habits-figure out what you need to work on
Personal Development

What are the 5 areas of personal development

  • Mental-this is where you become mentally stronger
  • Social- communication with others
  • Spiritual- a higher power (something greater than self)
  • Emotional-your emotions
  • Physical working on your body

Why is it important to learn the 5 areas of personal development

This is important to do so you can work on the whole self. When you are working on your personal development, include all 5 areas in your goal setting.

This can be something small as meeting one new person today, and as big as I will go to the gym daily. Just make sure that you do something weekly for all 5 areas.

What are examples of personal development

  • Learning boundaries
  • Learn confidence
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Time management
  • New challenges
  • Growth mindset
  • Grow your network
  • Learn your weaknesses
  • Practice gratitude
  • Learn to believe in yourself
  • Healthy – work-life balance
  • Learn your bad habits
  • Find your passion
  • Letting go of the past
  • Learn to forgive others
  • Forgive yourself
  • Set up personal boundaries
  • Be of service to others
  • Learn self-care

PD Post It Notes

How can I improve my personal development

The most important thing first is to remember that you will mess up and you will fail at some of your goals. This is how you learn.

When this happens, then tweak your goals and dreams some. Dust yourself off and try again by setting different goals or try smaller steps for your big goals.

What is a personal development goal

This is when you set up your objectives for your personal development. When you set up your goals, remember to include the 5 areas of your life in the goals.

You can set up goals for your personal life and for your career. When setting up your goals, remember to set up smaller goals for the big goals you set.

Make sure you set S.M.A.R.T goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

What are good personal development goals

  • Learning new skills you will use in life
  • Career Advancement
  • Becoming more patient with other people
  • Become more productive at home and/or at work
  • To become a better employee
  • Complete tasks you have been putting off
  • Knowing what you want out of life and how to get it

How to set personal development goals

  • Figure out you are why
  • What goals do you want to go after
  • Set up your goals into S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Break your big goals up into smaller steps
  • What will be your reward for achieving your goals
  • Now that you have reached your goal set another one
PD Coffee Cup

What are personal development skills

These are qualities and abilities that help you grow both personally and professionally. Some examples of personal skills are:

  • Organization
  • Self -confidence
  • Communication

The skills listed above help you carry out your personal development goals.

Personal development activities

  • Journaling-this helps  you keep track of your improvement
  • Learning to say no- it is okay to say “no” to other people. No is a complete sentence.
  • Checking in with yourself is very important. Just check in with your thoughts and your feelings throughout the day
  • Listen to podcast-find self-development podcasts to listen too
  • Listen to audiobooks- if you do not have time to read then listen to improvement books
  • Write to your future self write out how you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years from now
  • Write to your past self and let go of anything you are holding onto in your past
  • Write things down-write down your daily to-do list and your goals
  • Call a loved one-call someone that is important to you and let them know you appreciate them
  • Contact your life coach-stay in contact with your life coach at all times in your personal development journey
  • Watch how you talk to yourself-do not talk negatively to yourself
  • Watch how you talk to others-do not talk negatively to others
  • Be of service- help out another person without expecting nothing in return

What is a personal development plan

A personal development plan is where you write out your goals. You write out the big goal you want to achieve.

Next, write out your small goals to achieve the big goal.

You can also include the reward you plan on giving yourself after reaching your goal.

How can I improve myself everyday

Improving yourself every day sounds a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be tough. You probably already do some activities it takes to improve yourself in your daily routine already. Such as:

  • Journal about your day
  • Meditate
  • Keep a record of what you did to achieve your goal that day
  • Read 20 minutes a day
  • Go outside and enjoy nature
  • Visit a loved one
  • Learn something new no matter how small the skill is
  • Eat healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have a routine

How to improve me today

  • Limit your screen time
  • Be physically active daily
  • Make a budget
  • Start a hobby
  • No impulse buying
  • Take some time off
  • Be loving towards your family and friends
  • Daily affirmations
  • Drink water
  • Organize your space
  • Let go of the past
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Go outside and enjoy the sunshine
  • Set a time limit for your phone time
  • Don’t be negative for a day
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Create healthy habits
  • Let go of your past mistakes

What is the difference between personal development and self-improvement

Personal development is a lifelong process. This is not something you can do in one day. However, self-improvement can happen in a day depending on the task you pick to do.

Although, some self-improvement is also not done in just a day.

The best way to try to explain is that personal development is how you change and self-improvement is what you change.

Wrap this all up

I have covered a lot of information on personal development. I hope that you have a better understanding and able to start on your journey today.

If you have any questions or comments about the article, then comment below or contact me.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in place of professional advice, medical treatment, or professional care in any way. This article is not intended to be and should not be a substitute for professional care, advice, or treatment. Please consult with your physician or healthcare provider before changing any health regimen. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent diseases of any kind.

Until next time, have a blessed day.


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