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What is gratitude

The dictionary defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Showing gratitude to the people in your life will help you feel happy and have a positive feeling.

You will learn how to show gratitude to the people close to you.

I have been practicing gratitude for years and I have felt more positive in situations that I would usually get depressed in.

I have felt more thankful for what I have than what I don’t have.

There are several ways to practice gratitude and to show gratitude. I have made a small list below of some ways to show gratitude.

What are ways to show gratitude?

How to show gratitude to parents and grandparents

Our parents and grandparents are elders and showing gratitude is a way to express respect to them. They loved us unconditionally. They were a shoulder to cry on when the world seemed like a cold and scary place.

They would be up all night worrying about us or be up with us while we were sick. This is a bond of love that is ever-lasting and has no end to it.

Below is some ways you can show your parents and grandparents gratitude right now today.

  • Send a card or write a letter just to say hi and how much you appreciate them
  • Give your parents a call to check on them (be positive with a phone call)
  • Invite your parents to your house and cook dinner for them
  • If parents are older or unable to get around then clean their house, wash the car, and/or mow the grass
  • Spend time with them, give your undivided attention while doing this
  • Tell them you love them regularly
  • Be affectionate towards your parents with hugs
  • Ask for advice and respect their wisdom
  • Share your good news
  • Don’t raise your tone at them
  • Be patient when teaching a new skill to them
  • Offer them your chair if they have no place to set or offer to get them a chaIr
Older Couple being loving and grateful for one another

How to show your partner gratitude

Our partner is a person we have to lean on when life gets tough. This is the person that sees us daily on our best days and our worse days and still loves us. They are the person we have chose to spend the rest of our lives with.

They don’t run when things get a bit rough. They stand by our side even if we are wrong. Likewise, they love us for exactly who we are. Showing gratitude to your partner is a way to say thank you and to show love.

  • Say “thank you” if they have completed a task you asked them to do.
  • Write a love letter or note saying why you love your partner
  • Cook their favorite dinner for them
  • Praise Praise Praise
  • Give them a break. They could be having a bad day
  • Let your partner sleep in while you care for the kids
  • Send a loving or sexy text
  • Buy flowers for your partner
  • Spend time with them just the two of you
  • When they talk to you, actually listen to what they are saying
  • Take them out on a date
  • Leave post-it-notes with loving words around the house for your partner to find
  • Compliment your partner. This goes for males or females
  • Give your partner a massage
  • Be loving towards your partner
Man and woman couple holding one another looking out mountain top

How to show gratitude to your children

Children learn by watching the adults in their lifer’s and by being shown an example. Showing your child gratitude is a great way for them to learn how to show gratitude.

It also teaches your children to show respect as they are being shown respect in the simplest way. Gratitude also shows your child that you love them and respect them as little humans.

  • Say “thank you” when they complete a task you have asked of them
  • Help them with their chores one day
  • Help with their homework
  • Love on them every day
  • Tell them how much you love them
  • Buy them a surprise
  • Make their bed for them one morning
  • Take them out to a place they have been wanting to go
  • Write a letter or note about how much you love them. If your child can’t read then read the note to them.
  • Teach them gratitude
Child and mother holding hands together to make a heart

How to show co-worker gratitude

Showing your co-worker can be a great way to build a respecting mutual relationship. When you show gratitude to your co-worker they feel more than part of the team.

  • Say “thank you”
  • Write a note to praise a job well done
  • Tell them how much you appreciate them
  • Compliment
  • Tell them you enjoy working with them
  • Send an uplifting email
Three co workers talking to one another

How to show your friend gratitude

A friend is a family member that you get to pick out. They know all your secrets and never tell a soul. They know the good and bad side we can have. Showing your friend gratitude is a great way for thanking them for always being there for you.

  • Write a note to tell them how much you love being their friend
  • Give a thoughtful gift
  • Listen to them
  • Offer your help
  • Send a text
  • Call them just to say “hi”
  • Be there when your friend is going through a rough ti
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How to show gratitude for God

This is one of the biggest and most important relationships you will have in your life. Showing God gratitude is showing him love and respect.

God loves when his children show him gratitude. He loves it even more when his children show gratitude to each other.

  • Be kind to others
  • Pray and talk to God
  • Join a bible study
  • Write a letter even though you can not give it to God it helps to get some things out of your mind that could be bothering you
  • Read your bible to learn about God
  • Help others out before they ask
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I hope you can find an idea from above that you would like to try or say to a loved one. It is best if you practice gratitude daily to be able to feel the benefits of gratitude. If you cannot say or do anything daily, try to do it at least three days out of the week.

Let me know which ones you have tried and that you enjoyed doing. Share this post so your family and friends can try out a couple of gratitude ideas. Remember to love yourself and be grateful for your life.


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