There is something that I want to talk about today that I think is an important part of personal development. This would be a personal development plan. Why is this important? Glad you asked.

You wouldn’t go on a trip without some kind of plan. Where are you going? How are you going to get there?  How will you afford gas if you are driving? What all do you need to pack for your trip? Will, you get the idea.

Just like how you need a plan for a trip. You need to have a plan for your life. I by no means mean plan out the rest of your life. I mean to have a plan for the next  5 years, 1 year, quarterly or monthly. Whichever one you choose, stay with it.

Just like the trip idea you need to know where your life is going. Having a plan will help you know what to do next to achieve a goal you have set. Helps you know what to do next, so you aren’t guessing.

If you are anything like me, I have to have a plan for the month on what I need to do, where I need to be, responsibilities, or promises I have made. I will become sidetracked or at a loss of what to do next.

I know that it sounds like a big task to have to plan out your time, but I promise it isn’t at all. In this article, I will take you through every step of making a plan.

What is a personal development plan

This is a plan that helps you map out your personal development. Personal development doesn’t just happen. It takes some planning on your part. If you want to achieve your goals in life, then you have to plan that out.

You have to see what your roadblocks are that are stopping you from reaching your end goal. What you can do differently is to make sure you don’t fail again. Failure is part of it. Nobody goes through life achieving their goals on the first try every time. That is how you learn what your roadblocks are.

What are the benefits of a personal development plan

There are some benefits to having a plan of your life and goals. You don’t have to wonder what you will do next because you already have that mapped out. The action steps to that plan wrote out.

You can write your goals down, which will make them more real for you. You also know what you are working on at all times. There is no forgetting what your goal was.

You will already know what your roadblocks are. You have a plan on how to overcome them. So, when something unexpected comes up and your plan is having to be a bit different, you are already prepared for that. You have taken the guesswork out of what to do.

You know how far you have come on your goal because you have written down your progress. On the days you feel that you have accomplished nothing on your goal, you can be reminded that you have made great progress.

Personal Development Plan 2 1

What is the purpose of a personal development plan

Like I have talked about above, the purpose is, so you can plan out your goals. Keep track of your goals and the progress you have made on them. The action steps you need to take written out, taking the guessing work out of it. You know when your deadline is because you have written that down.

This is a map out of your life and the goals you want to reach in a given time. Without this, you are guessing what you want and have no direction to take because the action steps are not listed out for you.

How to write a personal development plan

This part may sound a bit scary. I know what you’re probably thinking. How does she expect me to write out my own personal development plan? I don’t even know what I want out of life, much less how to plan it.

This doesn’t have to be scary at all. A personal development plan is very easy to write out and easy to plan. Here are the steps that you need to take to map out your goals:

Example of a personal development plan

Goal: To read 15 minutes a day

Action Steps: A) Find the 15 minutes to read. B) Finding a book to read. C) Timing for the 15 minutes.

Deadline: Like to have the book read in 3 months

Progress: Mark my calendar for each day that I read

In the example, I planned out exactly what I wanted to achieve with the goal, the steps I would take, how long it will take me to achieve, and how I will show my progress towards the goal.

You can do this with any goal you have. It takes dedication to set down and actually make a plan. I find making the plan is easy. I struggle with completing the goal I set for myself.

Some people will include an award section in their plan. That way, after they achieve their goal, they have something to look forward to. You don’t have to include the reward section. I know for me, I usually won’t give up if I am really wanting the reward.

Personal Development Plan

In Closing

When you have a personal development plan in your life, you have a better chance at completing your goals. You will know exactly what you want out of life, steps on how to achieve what you want out of life, the time frame you have to complete the task, and a way to show how you are doing in completing your task.

Remember you wouldn’t go on a road trip without a map. So, don’t try to go through life without a personal development plan. Have a map of what you want to achieve and complete in life.

Leave a comment and let me know what some of your goals are going to be. What do you plan on mapping out?

Have a blessed rest of your day.


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